June 24, 2022

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Wild, animated film ‘Cryptozoo’ goes down a wandering path

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Often a film is so audacious and first, I have a tricky time pulling back again to ask, “Is this actually… fantastic?”

In early 2021, I was capable to virtually attend the Sundance Film Pageant, and a single of the buzzier premieres seemed incredibly substantially down my alley.

“Cryptozoo” is an animated movie aimed squarely at older people. Reactions out of early screenings indicated it was a thoughts-melter, a wild societal and ecological commentary, which sounded like my cup of tea.

Sad to say, it did not do it for me, however your mileage may perhaps vary. I will give it this: “Cryptozoo” has a person of the most unforgettable opening scenes in the latest memory. Gentle spoilers ahead.

The movie is established in the 1960s and opens with a youthful hippie few named Matthew and Amber (voiced by Michael Cera and Louisa Krause) walking by means of a wooded spot at evening.

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