February 5, 2023

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What Promotional Items Do People Keep!

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All businesses need to advertise, and using promotional products is an inexpensive and creative way to advertise your business while keeping in line with your tight budget. When using promotional items, you must choose ones that people will actually keep and use. This way, your business is always fresh in your customers’ minds.

What are some promotional products people will use, you ask? Well, there are oodles and oodles of items you can use to get people to notice you. Pens are an obvious choice, since people use them every day. Another promotional product you can give away that people will use is a toy of some sort. At the very least, they will give them to their kids.

10 Popular Promotional Items People Keep and Use

Pens and Pencils: Used by people every day. Often lent to others, so many more people will learn about your business.

Key Rings: Everyone needs a something to keep their keys organized, and if yours are eye-catching, others will notice.

T-shirts: These perform a couple of tasks. They not only provide an excellent source of advertising, but you can create and maintain a sense of employee loyalty by giving them gifts of clothing.

USB Flash Drives: In this technological age, these are a handy little gift to give. People use them to store data all the time, so why not make sure that the ones they use all have your business name on them!

Travel Mugs: We live in a hectic world, and millions of people are getting their coffee to go every day. If they are using travel mugs with your company logo on them, they are giving you advertisement each and every day of the week!

Reusable Water Bottles: Everyone knows the benefits of water, and a lot of people are getting into the habit of carrying bottled water with them everywhere they go. Just like the travel mugs, your customers can be using water bottles with your company name on them, and others will notice.

Hats: Another great gift for your employees as well as customers are ball caps. Lots of people wear them, and the more attractive your hats are, the more people will notice them.

Tote Bags: Another item people use every day. Reusable tote bags are becoming extremely popular for grocery shopping, and if your customers are using bags with your company name and logo, other shoppers may notice.

Lanyards: So many people work in offices where they need to use identification cards for security reasons, and they often wear them on lanyards. You can give away lanyards with your company logo imprinted on them, and they also make great gifts for your own employees.

Post-it Note Pads: Who doesn’t use post-it notes? These little note pads come in so handy, and you can have them printed with your company information at the top or bottom, so every time your customers jot something down, they will think of you.

These are just a few of the many promotional products you can choose from to give your business the extra advertisement it needs at a minimal cost. Your customers will be receiving gifts they can actually use, and you can be assured that you won’t see your promotional products in the trash bin at the end of the day!

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