May 28, 2022

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“Smurf”, “Great Days” Reboot, Family Fares on TV | Entertainment News

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Looking for family-friendly TV rates? Here are some titles, tips, and options that both kids and adults will love.

Smurfs (Series Premier, Friday, September 10th, 7: 30/6: 30c, Nickelodeon)

We’re not hanging around — the iconic blue troublemaker (above) is back in action. The malicious wizard Gargamel (voiced by Lenny Mark Irons) goes out to catch them and raises stakes, but the girl Smurf tribe (who is making their debut) to help I’m here. Optimal application: Everyone

Wonderful days (Series Premier, Wednesday, September 22nd, 8: 30/7: 30c, ABC)

The beloved 1988-93 comedy restarts following the 1968 Alabama family.Was spoken by Don Cheadle As an adult version of the tween hero (Elisha “EJ” Williams, Second from the left, Laura Kariuki, Seikon Senglow, Dure Hill), The series tackles the first crash and racial division of the period in Little League. Optimal application: Tween

Wonderful days (Credit: ABC / Erica Dos)

Top chef family style (Now streaming, peacock)

In this delicious competition series, a kitchen prodigy teams up with an adult family to showcase the magic of cooking. For the task, WWE Superstars And reboot cast Saved by the bell..Grammy Award winner Meghan Trainor host. Optimal application: Everyone

Best #AtHome Video (Friday, 9 / 8c, CBS)

First aired as filler content during the shutdown of COVID Production, but the uplifting humorous clip show is still hosted by Cedric the Entertainer (((Neighborhood). In the September 17th episode, Suppress your enthusiasm‘NS JB smooth Guest appearance. Optimal application: teens

We really liked being able to see new things Foot Patrol: Movie Not only in the theater, but also at Paramount +’s home. Should we expect more releases of such movies? — —Caroline

Hotel Transylvania: Transformers (Credit: SONY PICTURESANIMATION / © 2021CTMG, INC. ALLRIGHTS RESERVED)

Watch high budget animation flicks like Foot Patrol: Movie At home, especially for family titles like Disney + Flick, the COVID era seems to continue. Luka When Raya and the Last Dragon Available at Disney Premier.Even Sony recently sent Mitchell family and machines Netflix currently in sales negotiations Hotel Transylvania: Transformers —The fourth movie of the monster franchise — Go to Prime Video.

Kids streaming app

Lego channel

Debuting in 2019, this free streamer contains LEGO content, including the Cartoon Network series. Legend of Chima When Ninjago And even Marvel’s Lego spin-off. Plus: Get your bricks ready as you can learn building tips!

PBS Kids

You can stream live TV and watch (and download) episodes of popular educational shows such as: Sesame street When Arthur, Launched in 2017, this service is free.In addition, there is a “Grownups” button for local schedules so you can plan yours TV time too.

Future attractions

Field of Dreams (Credit: Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Annie Live! I found that star!Serena Smith (12 years old) participates Taraji P. Henson With Miss Hanigan Harry Connick Jr. As Papa Warbucks at NBC’s December 2nd event musical. •• If you accomplish that, they’ll watch … Peacock ordered a reboot in 1989. Kevin Costner Baseball classic Field of Dreams from Good place Author Michael schur.. •• Thora Birch, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Hunter Doohan Appeared on Netflix live-action Adams Family series Wednesday With the stars Jenna Ortega..

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