May 23, 2022

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Pictures in the dim capture skies of our ancestors

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Around significant adjustments in the evening skies, this sort of as an eclipse or new moon, Kathryn Stivers and her smaller team of astrophotographers get started plotting their shots in the dark. 

“If you are in a dark park alongside a coastline there is no mild, and there are times when I can rarely see my hand in front of my confront when I flip off my small flashlight,” says Stivers. “The camera is significantly more delicate and considerably extra able of accumulating all that gentle onto a solitary airplane, and in this situation, a photographic sensor that our eye-mind relationship just simply cannot do.” 

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Stivers’ photos are at the moment on display screen at the Artport Gallery as section of “The Dark, Starry Skies of our Ancestors: An Astrophotography” exhibition.

Photographer Kathryn Stivers has photos in the "Starry Skies” exhibit at the Artport Gallery.

The gallery functions perform by James Daniels, an avid outdoorsman and lifelong resident of the Big Bend spot, as effectively as scientists Kyle P. Miller and Michael Riffle. Stivers claims the exhibition was a amazing prospect to display their interpretations of the night time sky by means of their respective lenses.

“We may be 100 ft away from each individual other, but we all appear absent with some stunningly various images,” claims Stivers. “One of the reasons we decided to place with each other this show is to focus on the factor of the vanishing skies of our ancestors. In a good deal of methods our night time sky is diminishing simply because of light pollution and overdevelopment. Component of it is to attract focus to this entire other earth out there. Just simply because you can not see it properly doesn’t indicate it is not there, and it is fascinating.” 

Lichgate Oak Infrared Panorama 2021

An architect’s eye

Stivers picked up images as a way to rest and commune with mother nature. This curiosity stems from childhood camping outings she’d get with her mother and father out west. She describes photographing mother nature as the antidote to her generally busy and time-consuming career as an award-successful architect. The digital camera initial piqued her curiosity as a young adult earning her BFA at Florida State College. 

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