February 5, 2023

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How to Pleasure a Guy With Oral Sex

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You want to be able to pleasure a guy with oral sex and make his toes curl. You want to be the best that he has ever had and it is time that you learned how. You need to put aside your insecurities and your worries and learn how to get lost in the moment.

A lot of women, like you, have many reservations about performing oral sex but you are going to put those aside. If you want to give him mind blowing oral, then you have to do this or it just isn’t going to be very good. The more confidence you have the better the whole situation will be.

When you are stimulating him you can use a hand to stroke his shaft. You are allowed to use a hand despite it being called oral sex. Using your hand actually makes the situation a little easier because you don’t have to work as hard. Plus, men love to have a rough touch so if you can be a little rough with him he will love that.

You can use your mouth to give him the wetness that he is craving and when you use your tongue and lips in the right way, this is how you truly pleasure a guy with oral stimulation. Use your tongue to lick him and use your lips to engulf him into your mouth. This is a sensation that he will love and one that he will surely not forget.

Use these tips so you can pleasure a guy with oral sex and make it an experience that he will never forget. You can be the best that he has ever had and you can make this happen today.

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