May 27, 2022

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From Sabbath to Slipknot: A complete history of Ozzfest

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It’s all thanks to Lollapalooza that Ozzfest happened at all. In 1995, Sharon Osbourne had tried to persuade the alt-rock shindig’s organisers to put Ozzy on the bill for their travelling festival. They rejected the idea, believing the Prince Of Darkness lacked the necessary relevance and cool factor to be part of their bill. Undeterred, and with that typical forthright vision that has made her a great manager for so long, Sharon determined that if Ozzy wasn’t to be part of Lollapalooza, then the pair of them would create their own version instead. 

And so Ozzfest was born. Said Sharon at the time: “I just thought, ‘Fuck them.’ If Lollapalooza wasn’t able to see what Ozzy could give them, then we’d come up with our own metal version, only better.”

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