February 5, 2023

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Flicker Rate and You

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 Being fans of the Matrix series of movies, when Matrix 3 was released a while back my husband and I went to see it. I was enjoying the movie, especially the special effects, until the great battle scene toward the end of the movie. Suddenly I found myself feeling so much anxiety I had to leave the theatre.

Mind you, the battle wasn’t scary. It was a typical war scene with lots of things blowing up. What got to me was the rate at which brilliant light effects were occurring.

Flicker rate is the term used for the rate at which light goes on and off. You experience it every day as you look at your computer monitor, watch TV, or are in rooms with fluorescent lighting. It can affect your well being, causing health issues that range from headaches to cancer.

None of these examples are conscious uses of flicker rate, however. They’re more along the lines of side effects.

This phenomenon is used consciously by commercial enterprises to create a desired effect. For example, there are biofeedback tools using slow rates to sooth and relax the user. Another example is a sophisticated security system that uses strobe lighting in order to disable an intruder by making them disoriented and dizzy.

Flicker rate is also used by the entertainment industry to enhance emotions. No, you won’t find strobe lights inside a movie theatre. But you will find flashes of light, such as those during a scene where things are blowing up. It’s especially effective in a theatre where the screen is about a thousand times bigger than your TV screen. However, you’ll still experience the effect at home watching your TV. Violent movies, commercials for action movies, or anything else where adrenaline-induced emotional responses are desired will have a fast rate, stimulating you and raising your adrenaline levels.

Want to reduce your anxiety and stress?

The next time you’re watching an action movie or a commercial for one, pay attention to how you feel. Notice your level of anxiety or stress. Close your eyes and notice the lighting rhythm on your eyelids. The faster it is, the more it produces anxiety, fear, and stress in your body. This is a specific effort to influence by subliminally affecting your emotions for the sole purpose of financial gain.

When you become aware of how you’re being influenced by this subtle yet highly effective technique using light, you can gain better control of your anxiety and stress.

By the way, your TV screen has a flicker rate that induces a hypnotic trance. No kidding. Read about it in The Edison Gene by Thom Hartmann.

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